There are many reasons why counselling or therapy can be beneficial for an individual or couple throughout the course of life. This may include issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, anger, low self esteem and low self-worth, issues around sexuality or sexual problems, or maybe feeling isolated or challenged by life’s circumstances.

Experiences such as bereavement, redundancy, divorce, separation, infertility, illness or abuse may have an impact on how we see ourselves and may prevent us from enjoying life in the way we would like. Equally a desire to simply understand oneself better or an increased interest in the growth and development of oneís potential may all play a part in seeking counselling or therapy.


by offering a reliable and confidential relationship free from the pressures of ordinary life
by offering support during times of crisis or transition
by deepening awareness of yourself and your relationships
by offering a safe space where you can speak about feelings that worry or upset you
by making sense of recurrent problems by exploring their links with the past
by challenging tendencies to repeat unhelpful patterns of behaviour
by clarifying choices and helping resolve old hurts and conflicts


Individual open-ended counselling/therapy for both adults and young people on a weekly basis.

Couple/relationship therapy, open-ended-both weekly and sometimes fortnightly.

Sex therapy- time-limited, sometimes in conjunction with couple therapy or as part of individual therapy.

An initial assessment is offered at the outset of the work in order to ascertain whether the therapy available would be helpful to you.

Appointments are offered during weekdays and weekday evenings and last 50 minutes.

Fees vary depending on what service is required and whether able to attend during the day or evenings.

Missed sessions are charged for and this can be discussed further in the initial session.